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Lying Hurts

To impress some one we like, we lie. Because truth may at times make us feel awkward. To make other persons feel comfortable, we lie, otherwise our date may feel embarrassed. Lying, speaking truth and keeping quiet are three positions that we can take while dating. Does lying help? Many of us give some information about ourselves that is wrong. If you are a man, you may mention a higher income figure and women may fudge about their age. Lying hurts in the long term. Let us examine more.

Why do we date? Is it only for fun for a day to find out if we can find someone to partner with us for a long time? If we are looking for fun for a day, we should make this clear to our date and let them not expect anything else. Otherwise it can hurt a human being. If we are looking for a long-term relationship, every lie will ultimately get exposed. That will hurt us even more.

We might be feeling very uncomfortable during a date. Is it better to say that you are enjoying yourself or to diplomatically say about the real feelings? By lying here, we are giving wrong expectations to the other person. Why does that? One can diplomatically say – I am not feeling very comfortable. Can we cut short today?

Some people are liars by habit. They rarely speak the truth and lie as a matter of habit. Such people give wrong ideas to their date and hurt him or her. That is not a good way of doing things. One may not be very truthful, if something embarrassing comes up. But one can surely change the subject or keep quiet. Why lie?

Lying hurts not only during dating, but also in every situation in life. A liar always feels threatened that the truth will one day get exposed. Isn’t it better to keep quiet or speak truth?

Dating – Not Asking For Immediate Results Is Better

Today, most of the daters want immediate results after a date. They want to meet their dream date immediately. They want to fall in love immediately. They want to like each other immediately. There is hurry in dating. There is a demand that we must get good date immediately. This is like interviewing candidates for a position in your organization. You wish to get the best candidate as the first candidate and get frustrated if you don’t get one after interviewing many. That frustration either makes you drop the idea of searching or you try to fit at least one candidate in the slot. But that will fail with disastrous results.

Are you doing something similar in dating? Do you not accept disappointments easily? Do you want your candy immediately like a child? That can lead to complications. You have to define your requirements and if you find that your date and you don’t match, you have to drop him/her. You don’t have to create excuses and fit him/her with you. That may lead to long-term pain.

Let us be sure. You are looking for a life partner. You have only one life and you must try and get the best partner you can to have happiness and satisfaction. Give dating enough time. Date few people before you decide about one. Make sure that your head is ruling you and not heart. Don’t ask for immediate results. That can be painful over time.